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Robot Rock Instructional Dance Video

You wild for this one, Ed.

Cybernetic body-rock this Saturday.


Robot Rock Hall of Fame: Optimus Prime

As we prep for more jheri curl funk, champagne soul, lazer boogie, and now ROBOT ROCK this Saturday, let us recall our favorite '80s icons of machinery and artificial intelligence.

Firstly, the noble leader of the Autobots, protector of the human race, wise, compassionate and brave captain himself, Optimus Prime. We salute you for being a badass and making Saturday morning awesome when we were kids.

Optimus and his crew are already connected to an unforgettable theme song, one that made its way into an Axel F classic via the legendary Kurtis Blow and the mighty Trouble Funk.

In closing, we dedicate the jam below to Optimus Prime since Cybotron seems like a shoutout the Transformers' home planet.


Dancin' Machine with special guest DJ Book, Sat. April 28

Now with ROBOT ROCK!

This month, we're paying homage to campy '80s retro-futurism, so expect all the usual Axel F treats plus healthy doses of electro-funk, latin freestyle and everything else suitable to get your cybertronic groove on.

Saturday, April 28
10pm - 3am
$5 before 10pm / $10 after
Liv Nightclub
2011 11th St NW, WDC

Adrian Loving has been called to execute a pretty swanky mission elsewhere that evening, so in his place we've recruited the most excellent homie DJ Book. Grab an Axel F ready mix from him here:

DJ Book's Electric Boogaloo

You should know jheri curl funk, champagne soul and lazer boogie by now, but what is robot rock all about? This video should help.


Adrian Loving's Spring Lazer Boogie Mega Mix


DJ Adrian Loving drops the third installment in the Axel F mix series, just in time for spring and perfect for your roller skates.

Ladies: your shorts should be short, your socks should be high and your halter top tight for this one.

Dudes: considering the time period we're talking about, y'all could probably get away with the same outfit.


Flashback: The Ladies of Axel F

All ladies. All night. They said it couldn't be done. We scoffed at the non-believers, then proceeded to rock the house all night with nothing but women artists. It's easy when your crew is tight and there are no wallflowers.

Check the full gallery here.

Bushhead Ed came through with more of his video genius to serve as the evening's eye candy (in between games of Atari 2600). Check it out below.


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