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About Axel F

Axel F is a party celebrating the best in jheri curl funk, champagne soul and lazer boogie from past and present. Our philosophy is the funkier, synth-ier and crazier, the better.

Obviously, our muse is this guy:

We determined that the sound of Axel F was shaped by a magical period from 1977 - 1987.

It's post-disco and before the Golden Age of hip-hop.
It's music that generates body rolls.
It's what happened when the artists of the R&B and soul eras let the afros go and made some unfortunate (and hilariously fun) fashion choices.
It's the time when synthesizers became standard in popular black music, but sampling was still a few years away.
It's a Reagan era soundtrack for block parties and skating rinks.
It's also old school b-boy style, proto-techno, early jack-your-body house, latin freestyle, bubblegum pop, and the classic go-go of our hometown of Washington, DC.

Brought to you by DJ Jahsonic, Adrian Loving, DJ Stylus, LiL' SoSo Productions and Hey Ed, Axel F is all of the '80s songs that you never hear at '80s parties, until now.