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The Ladies of Axel F: Teena Marie

Celebrating the Ladies of Axel F. Be there on March 24 to hear them all night.

Mary Christine Brockert
Santa Monica, California
Our Vanilla Child who got Behind the Groove and became our Lovergirl.

- e k davis


The Ladies of Axel F: Chaka Khan

Thanks to Axel F Facebook fam member and bodyroll all-star e k davis for helping us salute the Ladies of Axel F. Be there on March 24 to hear them all night.

Given that we are observing Women’s History Month 2012, we felt it appropriate to highlight some of the Mother Pillars of Axel F in their early glory. This sisterhood, resplendent in feathers, fringes, fans, and fur; baptized us in beats, showed us how to groove, and wove the soundtracks of our youth.

We hereby present our gallery, lovingly curated.

Yvette Marie Stevens.
Chicago, Illinois
Rufus’ Muse. EveryWoman.


Happy International Women's Day

We're also in Women's History Month, which for us means that we're fortifying our crates for the Ladies of Axel F on March 24. Don't miss it! All of your favorite sister icons from the '80s, ALL NIGHT!

Let's start our homage with A Taste of Honey, the original ladies of the eighties.

Despite a mild case of asian exotification, we're loving Hazel Payne's koto skills on this Smokey Robinson cover. Show up styling like Janice-Marie Johnson in this clip and we might have to work out an Axel F VIP deal for you. 



Flashback: Farewell Don and Whitney

You all came out strong in February to show love for two beloved icons. We're proud to do our small part to honor the legacies of Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston.

Full gallery is here.


Flashback: Our One Year Anniversary

We think it lived up to the hype. Check the full gallery for more visuals, courtesy of Sneak Shot.

We just wanted to thank everyone who supported us in creating a whole year of crazy fun. And we had to at least equal the dopeness of the commercial that our good friends Exittheapple made for us.

Axel F residents Jahsonic, Adrian Loving and DJ Stylus got our Voltron on as usual.

But if you weren't there, it's hard to describe the delicious foolery created by the Sexual Chocolate Band & Show. Not only were they good sports for agreeing to do this, they got ALL THE WAY into character. Much love to musical director Zo!, vocalists Phonte, Ne'a Posey and Deborah Bond, and the band: Zach Cutler, Malik and Pooh.

We'll be sharing more clips from their blowout performance while we plan even more pageantry for 2012. Just keep coming back to this spot, and  thanks for bodyrolling with us.