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The New Edition Story: The Final Chapter

Whew! We've gone through the ringer of all the emotions after finishing three nights of The New Edition Story on BET. Here's our second recap that covers the third night and our overall assessment of the entire series. Watch this space for more content where we examine more of the milestones that make the Axel F era so special.


The New Edition Story: Axel F Recap

 'Sup, fam! In an effort to stay connected with you between events, we're going to be reaching out with more content. We're in the planning stages of a podcast where we curate music, film and style from the Axel F era.

What better way to take this project out for a test drive than to discuss the best thing that's happened in 2017 so far, the three night New Edition biopic on BET.

In this installment, we discuss the first and second episodes of the mini-series. Make sure you follow us on Twitter at @AxelFParty where the live tweeting has been going down and get ready for the final episode tonight. The tweets will be flowing and we'll have another recap to wrap up the series.


All you need for Christmas is New Edition everything