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Entries in body roll (3)


OMG Jean Grae launched a body roll contest on Christmas!

Here at Axel F HQ, bodyrolling is an essential life skill. It's the frequency at which our souls vibrate. So when Jean Grae launched this body roll contest last night on Christmas, we were probably deep in a yuletide 'itis and brown likka coma. But when we woke up today, we had to spread these tidings of comfort and joy!

Did you buy Jean Grae's #5 project? Of course you did. And if you haven't seen the magnum opus that is the video for "underneathu", remedy that immediately.

Then get some friends. Or just yourself. Because the party doesn't start until YOU bodyroll. Turn that camera on and engage your core muscles. Then undulate. Make sure "underneathu" is playing while you undulate.

Then send the video to Jean Grae at channelgrae (at) gmail dot com and WIN THE WORLD.


Body Roll Pre-Game Playlist

Spotify is disappointingly lacking the important jams of the Axel F canon, but this list will get you nice and limber so you don't pull a muscle in your core on Saturday.

Body roll vigorously, body roll joyously, but also body roll SAFELY. Warm-ups are key.

See you all soon.


The Return of the Body Roll, Sat. 2/8

You've been patient, but you also crave the healing and release that only a vigorous body roll session can provide.

We're here for you. And we thank you for being here for us.

Let's get reacquainted and sweat it out.